Mother’s Day

‘Her children … call her blessed; her husband … praises her.’

Proverbs 31:28 NKJV

If you saw today’s title and mentally ran a mile in the opposite direction – stick around for a min. Proverbs 31 is all about mothers (oh, by the way, if you hadn’t caught it yet, it’s Mother’s Day… sort your card and gift then come back to us ASAP). You’ve got a chunk of Proverbs 31 up at the top. Sounds pretty perfect, right? Almost the kind of lady you’d see on the cover of a recipe book. But as much as those sorts of ideas might be God’s ideal for all the mums of the world, not all of us have that experience in our own families. Motherhood’s a flipping hard job. And parents are humans. Which means that, just like you, they can do things that aren’t what God wants. When we’re a bit older we grasp this – maybe you’ve been living away from the home you grew up in for a few years now, and you’ve got that. But maybe you haven’t. And the way your parents treated you when you were growing up has driven a wedge between you. Mother’s Day can be a weird time where all this stuff comes up to the surface. But it’s also a great opportunity. For grace, and patience. So:

What Now?

If you’ve had a good upbringing, use that to thank your parent(figure)s today. If you’ve had your moments with your mother, make today great for her. If things have been more than a little rocky, stay safe – don’t go wading back into a spiky situation just ’cause W4U told you to. But you can use this as a chance to forgive, from a distance.

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